DP Komplett Clutchkit CRF450R 17-19

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  • Designed to outperform any OEM or aftermarket clutch
  • DPK kits include friction plates, steel drive plates and clutch springs, except when OEM clutch includes reusable diaphragm spring
  • DPK clutch kits come in a foam-lined hard plastic case that protects clutch components from being damaged prior to installation
  • Case can be used to store and transport parts, tools or other items after clutch is installed
  • Come ready to race
  • no need to presoak plates in oil
  • Designed to ensure ultrasmooth power delivery
  • Exclusive high-heat friction materials for fade-free performance
  • Friction compounds designed to suit off-road and dual-sport bikes
  • More durable than OEM plates
  • Steel drive plates
  • Steel plates won't expand, do not fade or promote clutch swell like stock aluminum plates
  • Long lasting
  • up to 300% more life than stock plates
  • Increased weight over stock plates adds flywheel effect for aiding starting and traction
  • Will not muddy or contaminate oil
  • Clutch springs
  • Precision-wound using the finest chrome silicone wire
  • Heat-treated and shot-peened for maximum life
  • Individually designed to ensure no slippage with super-strong spring rates
  • Improve feel and ease of clutch operation
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