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Sw-Motech Adventure Set Luggage Sølv

CRF1100 L Africa Twin Adv Sport 19-

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Adventure set luggage

The Adventure set Luggage contains the PRO side carrier for the Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L Adventure Sports and the matching ADVENTURE-RACK. The side carrier and rack are fastened to the bike-specific attachment points and offer sturdy support for the TRAX ADV aluminium cases.

This set is the all-round, care-free pack for any tour. The water and dust-tight TRAX ADV premium aluminum case, two side cases and a top case offer your luggage the best protection. The bike-specific development of the detachable PRO side carrier and the ADVENTURE-RACK guarantee an optimal fit and secure grip for aluminium cases. Our sturdy TRAX ADV aluminum cases convince with their stability, impermeability to water and dust, elegant optics, well-thought out features and a large selection of accessories. For even more storage, this adventure set contains two TRAX M/L expansion bags. These are fastened to the side cases, are water-tight and the contents can be especially quickly accessed.

  • PRO Side carrier

  • Adapter kit for PRO side carrier

  • TRAX ADV L Aluminium case

  • TRAX ADV M Aluminium case

  • TRAX lock set

  • Anti-theft protection for PRO side carriers

  • Multi-tool key chain attachment


  • Adapter kit for ADVENTURE-RACK

  • TRAX ADV Top case

  • TRAX M/L expansion bag

Included in delivery

  • 1 x TRAX ADV M Aluminium case, 37.00 l, silver, rechts
  • 1 x TRAX ADV L Aluminium case, 45.00 l, silver, links
  • 1 x TRAX ADV Top case, 38.00 l, silver
  • 2 x PRO Side carrier
  • 2 x Adapter kit for PRO side carrier
  • 2 x Anti-theft protection for PRO side carriers
  • 1 x Adapter kit for ADVENTURE-RACK
  • 3 x TRAX lock set
  • 2 x TRAX M/L expansion bag
  • 6 x Lid limiter
  • 3 x Storage bag
  • 1 x Multi-tool key chain attachment
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Total Weight: 15,3 kg / 33.7 lb
  • Total Volume: 150,0 l
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Produsent SW-Motech

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