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GPS mount with handlebar clamp

For Ø 28 mm handlebar. Vibration-damped.

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Nonshock Bar Clamp GPS-Mount

With this shock absorbing mount all motorcycle GPS devices can be installed to the handlebar. At the same time the carefully crafted aluminum clamps, available for a variety of bar tube diameters, fit well into the styling of different motorcycles. The adapter can also be used together with our Navi Case Pro product line, combination with the GPS clip adapter is possible as well. Rubber inserts between installation clamp and device mount provide reliable protection against shock and vibration, a pivoting joint allows adjustment of the viewing angle. 

Powder coated top section. Bar clamp made of brushed aluminum.

  • Vibration damped GPS-Mount
  • To attach to 28 mm tube handle bars
  • CNC-milled, made of Extremely firm aluminum alloy
  • surface silver, brushed
  • Pivoted bracket
  • Bar Clamp GPS-Mount
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions
  • The hole pattern of the base plate fits all TOMTOM Rider- and Garmin zumo-models, Garmin Montana, Blaupunkt MotoPilot and many more. As well for all RAM Applications and our GPS-Cases.
    The additional adapter kit GPS.00.085.10000/B is necessary for Garmin Zumo 340/350/390/590/595/660.
  • To use GPS devices made for cars, it is advisable to fix a splashproof GPS Bag to the base plate
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Produsent SW-Motech

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