Extension for brake pedal

CRF1000L Africa Twin SD06 (17-21)

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Extension for brake pedal
SW-MOTECH has manufactured this extension for brake pedal made of milled aluminum. It is suitable for the original Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L brake pedal.

SW-MOTECH manufactures these extensions from high-strength milled aluminum alloy; they feature a black anodized surface and a stainless steel step plate. For optimal ergonomic adjustment, the increase in the brake pedal step can be adjusted in two stages of 22 or 27 millimeters.

The extension for brake pedal is ideal for off-roading: it enhances the original brake arm tread and guarantees a safe, controlled use of the brake. The extension makes it possible for the contact surface to be both broader and higher. That means the extension for brake pedal offers better safety and better control over the rear brake.

When off-roading, you often alternate between seated and standing positions. When standing, the angle of your knee changes, so your foot cannot put as much pressure on the smaller pedal. Thanks to the raised contact surface, your foot is angled more sharply, so it can reach and control the brake arm more easily, even when standing. There are two height settings.

In addition to the raised surface, the extension for brake pedal features a widened contact surface. This is equipped with a ridged surface, so it offers improved grip when the arm surface is dirty or wet.

Enhances the original brake pedal
Raised and wider surface
Improved grip thanks to ridged surface – even when wet and dirty
Raised contact surface by 22 or 27 millimeters
Included in delivery
1 x Extension for brake pedal
Mounting instructions
Mounting material
Material: Aluminum / Stainless steel
Surface: anodized
Color: black / silver
Weight: 0,2 kg / 0.4 lb


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